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On display now through May 18, 2014

Oil Spill #4: Oil mixed with dispersant rises up to the surface near one of the relief wells. © Daniel Beltrá, Prix Pictet Ltd

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Get a Peek at MOPA's Collection

Connecting to Collections: Power

Saturday, 3/29 - Have you ever wanted to see some of the images in MOPA's collection up close? Now is your chance. MOPA is hosting their latest Connecting to Collections on Saturday, March 29th. The curatorial team will pull specific images from their collection and have them on display in their print viewing room. Read more

Cy Kuckenbaker: Art Lab #2

Come see Cy Kuckenbaker edit his next video at the Museum of Photographic Arts.

Saturday, March 22nd from 11:00am - 3:00pm

Millions of people have watched his time-compressed vides of planes taking off and landing and cars on the freeway. But how does artist Cy Kuckenbaker create these videos? Here is your chance to learn the process he uses. Meet him, ask him questions and listen to his stories. 

  Read more

Special Events

   1.  How long have you been volunteering with MOPA? For about 5 years

   2. What brings you to MOPA? I...


Featured Exhibition

Photography is a constantly evolving medium. Whereas digital equipment and distribution channels are the current trend, there have been many different processes that have changed the way we capture, print and share images over the years. Lynn G. Fayman, a long-time San Diego artist, utilized one such process, the short-lived Kodak Flexichrome, to produce vibrant, beautiful images. A selection of these works will be on display at the Museum of Photographic Arts from February 8 – May 11, 2014.

The images Fayman created challenge our ideas about what a photograph can be. He used the Felxichrome process to create experimental, abstract artwork, more akin to painting than traditional photography. In addition to still photographs, Fayman extended his creative efforts as a motion picture film maker for which he won a number of prestigious awards. He even partnered with Theodore Geisel (aka Dr. Seuss) to illustrate three children’s books. Selections of Fayman’s films and books are included as part of this exhibition.

The Museum of Photographic Arts recently received the Lynn G. Fayman Archives and is honored to exhibit these works.