Kids today…they’re all artists.

I’ve helped coordinate MOPA’s Annual Youth Exhibition for the past few years, but I also teach photography to some of the students who submit. I usually work with fourth graders (for you non-parents and non-teachers that equals 9 or 10 years old). 

Over the weekend, I was sitting outside my regular coffee spot and ran into someone who also teachers art, but to college students. Somehow the topic came up about how kids today have access to all sorts of technology and networking. Our conversation did two things for me. First, it made me feel super old. Second, it reminded me of how intuitive these resources are for my students. I’m always impressed by the ease that my students handle digital cameras, but also by their creativity and how they connect that creativity with the things they see and do everyday.

If you know a student in grade K-12 who has that creative intuition, encourage them to submit to MOPA’s 7th Annual Youth Exhibition, Photo|Synthesis. Read more about it here.