First Impressions


Well, this is the start of my fourth week here at MOPA.  I must say I am impressed by this museum.  Truth is I never had any ambitions of working in a museum.  My former world was in the music industry and the main reason I worked there was simply because I love music.  And everyone that worked in the music business also loved music.

Throughout my life, I have been a fan of photography as well.  When I was a kid I owned a Pentax K1000 all manual 35mm camera (still do actually).  I loved it, but my shots never did turn out all that great.  Occasionally I would get the image I was hoping for, but it was rare.  I would look at other people’s photos and wonder how they did it.  How come I could not do that?  I was always fascinated by great photography.

So when I saw a job opening at MOPA, I figured I had to check it out.  And now here I am.  What I am thrilled about is the passion that exists here.  Much like the music industry, people that work at MOPA really appreciate everything that goes on here – from the exhibitions to the education programs to the films that are shown.  It is a positive and energized atmosphere.

Plus I now get to see an incredible range of photographic works.  Some, like the Ruud Van Empel show that recently ended, challenge me with their digital manipulation (more on this next time), whereas others, like the Jessica Lange: unseen exhibition going on right now, are more traditional but just as intriguing.  In fact, she still shoots with film, a rarity these days and rather impressive. 

Although coming to the museum world from the music industry is a bit of a cultural swing, I am excited to see the many different “lens-based” exhibits that MOPA has to offer.  I have already seen the creative ideas flowing throughout the halls here and think it is going to be an interesting place to work. 

Stay tuned for weekly updates on my random MOPA musings…