CARE Video Projects

The CARE program is fortunate to be able to carry on a number of extra activities this year, thanks to a special grant award from the National Endowment for the Arts. One of our favorite projects as part of this grant is to produce four videos about the collections of the CARE arts partners. The purpose of the videos, which feature two students as the hosts, is to be a teaching tool in the classroom for introducing many more students and teachers to the artwork and objects we use on a regular basis through our exhibitions, performances, and other educational programs. We realize that one of the biggest barriers to bringing students to our institutions is the issue and cost of transportation, so we hope these videos provide a special glimpse into our world while eliminating some of the obstacles that so often prevent participation.


The first CARE partner to produce a video will be the Museum of Photographic Arts. MOPA will feature a beautiful image from their collection by California photographer, Byron Wolfe. Byron is considered a friend of the museum because of how open and willing he is to share his work not only with the museum but with the broadest possible audience. Byron completed a project in 2003 where he photographed objects and scenes everyday for one year. This project resulted in a collection of some of the most simple yet stunning images of everyday objects. The students in the video, along with museum educator, Lori Sokolowski, explore his work and consider the topic of beauty in the mundane. We look forward to launching these videos in the next couple of months and hope you will stay tuned!


For questions about the CARE program at MOPA, please contact Julie Kendig at or 619-238-7559 ext. 221.