Top 10 Photography Apps: The must haves for phone photography fanatics

Now that so many of us have our phones constantly in our hands, ready to snap every moment of life and share it with our online social communities, it’s about time we knew which were the essentials tools to have with us on our daily photo shoots. These include both photo-taking and editing apps that enhance and play with images to make your hourly online updates more innovative and shareable.

For the socialites: Instagram: A great way to quickly beautify your photos with the wide selection of filters, but better than this is the photo sharing network for all Instagram enthusiasts which makes it quick and easy to post on Facebook, Twitter or Flickr. (iPhone, Free,

For the gadget lovers: FxCamera: Jazz up your images with a range of effects including Toycam, Fisheye, SymmetriCam, Polandriod and Warhol (Android, Free).

For the perfectionists: Touch retouch: A nifty tool that removes any unwanted objects. So, if you’re hitting all the tourist sites and can’t get a picture without someone spoiling the shot, just tap and remove them (iPhone/Android, $0.99).

For the retro look: Hipstamatic: Choose the lens, choose the film, choose the flash and charge it up and snap as you did in those disposable camera days (iPhone, $1.99,

For the advanced photographers: Camera+: This app allows a lot more creative input for the more experienced photographer, including changing the exposure and aperture, enabling zoom, placing filters on each image and a stabilizer to prevent any blur (iPhone, $0.99,

For the playful: Color splash: Convert your images into black and white and then highlight one aspect of the image with a ‘splash’ of dramatic color (iPhone/Android, $0.99/Free).

For the artistic: Slow Shutter Cam: Play around with your phone camera’s shutter-speed and get some really creative images. This is a great addition to your phone when taking pictures in low light conditions, capturing fluid images of waterfalls and painting with light (iPhone, $0.99).

For the jetsetters: 360 Panorama: Captures seamless panoramic photos or 360 views, a brilliant app for any traveller drawn to capturing the bigger picture (iPhone/Android, $0.99).

For the graphic novelists: Paper camera: Turn your life into a sketch pad comic strip with these cartoon and comic-book-style effects (iPhone/Android, $0.99/$1.99).

For the technophobes: Touchnote postcards: This is a great app for the jetsetters amongst us to stay intouch with our less techy friends and family. It converts your digital photos into physical postcards (iPhone/Android, $1.49, €1.49 or £1.49 per postcard,

Nearly all of these apps allow you to quickly share your images on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. So don’t hesitate to send over any snaps: Twitter / Facebook / Flickr / Pinterest.

Post created by MOPA's PR intern extraordinaire, Lucy Coker.