Something New


Like most people, I enjoy watching movies.  By no means do I consider myself a film buff, but I can get lost in anything from a blockbuster to a quirky independent movie.  One of the reasons I was excited to start working at MOPA was the rich film culture here.  From the Human Rights Watch Film Festival, to numerous foreign films and now the Cinema Select program, MOPA seems to always have some screening coming up.

When I saw that King Kong was one of the selections up for a vote in this month’s Jessica Lange movie night, I was adamant that it was going to win.  As a kid, I went to see King Kong in the theater.  I have not seen it since and figured this could be an opportunity to revisit my youth.  I am also a born-and-raised New Yorker.  In my mind, the World Trade Center, or the Twin Towers as I called them growing up, will always be part of the NYC skyline.  These buildings play an important role in this version of King Kong and I was looking forward to seeing that skyline on the big screen.

But, the public voted.  My first choice did not win.  Truth be told, my second choice, Tootsie, did not win either.  The only movie I have not seen before, and my third choice, Grey Gardens, won.  And so, this Thursday I will be watching something new.  Now, I am not bitter, but I was a little bummed out at first.  As I thought about it however, I realized, isn’t that what this museum is all about – seeing something new? 

I look forward to seeing the first of many Cinema Select movie nights…