A Closer Look at "Eden 2"

After spending the last month as an intern at MOPA I have had the chance to explore the current exhibition Infinite Balance in depth. The show is full of astounding, thought-provoking works that reveal the increasingly prevalent effect we have on our surrounding environment. However, each time I pass through the exhibition my favorite photograph remains the same, Eden 2 by Susan Derges.

The simplicity and poignancy of this image capture me. It speaks of nature, serenity and movement all at once. What also attracts me to Susan Derges’ works are her unique experiments with photographic methods. In this case, Derges has developed a technique which involves exposing photographic paper underneath an English country stream in the moonlight. In effect the world becomes her camera, a great concept within a show entitled Infinite Balance.

Her image exhibited at MOPA is a life-size snapshot of rippling water and its reflection of the world above it. The water’s fluidity has a calming effect, yet the ripples and the clouds predict change. For me, the work comes together in its title, “Eden” a garden of perfection where Eve’s first movements began to change nature’s course. The ripples and clouds reflected in the water’s surface present this constant movement and uncertainty that is ever present in our world of infinite change.


-Written by MOPA PR Intern, Lucy Coker