Autumn is Almost Here

Photography has inspired and fascinated me since I first realized my father taught photography. Over the years, I’ve found myself constantly drawn to images with elements of fashion and spontaneity.  At MOPA, we’ve been bringing together all sorts of amazing work for the inaugural launch of our Photo Auction, taking place on Wednesday, October 5th. One donation in particular comes from Autumn de Wilde, a photographer whose work I’ve admired for some time.

The daughter of a successful documentary photographer, Jerry de Wilde, Autumn has made a deep imprint on today’s pop culture and fashion world with her thoughtful and ethereal images. De Wilde has produced a body of work that is unique, given her unparalleled access to musicians such as Elliott Smith, Beck, Jenny Lewis and The White Stripes.  For years she has worked with fashion designers, Kate and Laura Mulleavy, known as Rodarte. Her photographs of their designs for the film Black Swan and their 2011 line appear on their website. She’s even taken a road trip with Elijah Wood, creating whimsical images of him and a cohort at their stops along the way.

De Wilde just published her fourth monograph with Chronicle Books, Beck, showcasing over 15 years of photographing the musician Beck Hansen. It includes a foreward by award winning film and video director and screenwriter, Michel Gondry, well known for his feature length, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

For a peek at more of Autumn de Wilde’s work, you can visit her website, or to see her truly magnificent Polaroids and virtual photo diary spanning fashion, music, and an utterly scintillating aesthetic, check out her blog. The blog is updated frequently, and serves as a favorite stop in my daily internet routine. Who knows, you may just find her work as inspiring and visually dreamy as I do.

Image Credit: © Autumn de Wilde, Jenny Lewis, 2006.