Fayman Archive Comes to MOPA!

For a Collections Manager, getting a new collection is a bit like Christmas.  The anticipation builds each day as you prepare to bring the boxes of items to the museum.  Then, you feel the excitement of getting to unpack each one and discover the treasures inside.  Finally, a feeling of satisfaction as you survey all of the wonderful things that will soon be housed in the museum’s collection.  Happily, for those of us in the Curatorial Department, we’ve gotten to experience all of these emotions over the past few weeks as we inventory MOPA’s most recent acquisition: the Lynn G. Fayman Archive.

Lynn G. Fayman (1904-1968) was a well-known abstract photographer who often experimented with light and color as his mediums.  His body of work ranged from hand colored Flexichrome prints (a short lived method of making color prints from black and white negatives) to award winning films.  Fayman even spent a few years illustrating children’s books!  We at MOPA feel extremely honored to be the recipient of this important and fascinating collection.  Over the next few months, we will be blogging to chronicle choice items as we process, organize, and catalog the Lynn G. Fayman Archive.  Stay tuned to learn more about Fayman, his life, and his work as well as about the journey a new collection takes as it makes its way onto MOPA’s shelves.   Until next time!