Building the New MOPA Website

The Museum of Photographic Arts recently launched a new website, and we here at the Balboa Park Online Collaborative were privledged to take part in the process. The new site is a testemant to the amazing creativity and tireless efforts of a number of people at MOPA, HollisBC, and BPOC.

The Balboa Park Online Collaborative provided web development, project management, and IT services for the MOPA website project. Under the direction of Rich Cherry, the BPOC team worked closely with MOPA staff throughout the development of the site. Christina DePaolo, BPOC's Director of New Media, not only managed the project and kept everyone on track, but also provided invaluable assistance with content creation and editing, quality assurance, and some awesome home-made cookies. Chris Borkowski, BPOC's Lead Developer, was instrumental in developing several of the sites more complex features. Heather Hart and the rest of BPOC's IT staff provided extensive QA and testing.

Throughout this project, we've had the opportunity to work with some amazing people at MOPA. Vivian Haga was able to assemble the disparate needs and wishes of a number of people into a cohesive singluar vision. Kristine Page was responsible for taking this vision and turning it into a reaility. During every phase of the project, Kristine did all of the heavy lifting when it came to content and workflow. The design of the new site was provided by HollisBC. Don Hollis, Tyler Cristobal, and the rest of the HollisBC staff created a stunning design for the site, and were advocates for design perfection throughout the process.

The new MOPA website was built using Drupal, an open-source Content Management System. In a nutshell, Drupal allows MOPA staff to more easily manage the website content without being distracted by details of the underlying technology. Drupal is popular in the museum community, and is used worldwide to create corporate, political, non-profit, and government sites including and