Why I Just Do It

I am a runner.  That is a very significant part of who I am as a person.  When not battling injury, I run six days a week.  I do it to challenge myself and to test my limits in races of varying distances.  As a runner, many of my friends are runners as well.  So when I heard about the bombing at the Boston Marathon yesterday, I was scared.  I was sad.  I was angry.  My thoughts kept jumping from one emotion to the next.  I know a lot of people who ran the marathon and I was worried that they may have been in the area.  I thought of the people watching near the finish line and how scared they must have been.  I don’t understand how anyone can do such a thing on what is otherwise such a positive day. 

Danny Cappiello RunningWhen I hear about things like this, I, like many people, feel helpless.  I want to be there to do something positive, but instead I am sitting in my office trying to figure out the best way to let people know about our exhibitions and programs.  What I do for a living seems unimportant in light of what you see on the news day in and day out.  I question if I make a difference. 

The more I thought about this over the past day, however, the more I realized how happy I am to be working at MOPA.  The truth is that yes, the news shows us some horrible things.  That is no fault of the news organizations.  Horrible things happen all over the world, unfortunately all too often.  What MOPA does, what many museums do, is to try and show a bit of the beautiful side of the world.  Even when the subject matter is a bit on the heavy side, the images themselves are often stunning.  All I can hope is that when someone comes to MOPA they leave feeling like they saw something beautiful.  And if that happens, if we can show people that there is beauty in this world too, well then maybe we do make a difference here.