What's Coming Up - MOPA's Spring Exhibition

If you’ve been to MOPA recently, you’ve seen our current exhibition, Infinite Balance: Artists and the Environment. It’s stunning and it was extremely fun and inspiring to work on. While that’s in the spotlight right now, we’re hard at work behind the scenes developing the content for our spring exhibition, Eyes of a Nation: A Century of American Photography, which opens February 11th and showcases some of the finest examples of American photography during the defining period from the  1870s – 1970s. One of the most interesting parts of curating these exhibitions for our audience is developing all the creative ways you can experience the show and learn more about a medium that informs almost every part of our daily lives. From digital cameras, to the camera on your smartphone, it’s pretty amazing how photography has been integrated so seamlessly.  With Eyes of a Nation, you may see some of your favorite photographers, like Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange and Edward Weston, but we also hope you’ll learn a little more about some photographers you may not recognize like Berenice Abbott and William Klein. So keep MOPA in mind when you visit Balboa Park this spring and see what new ways we've come up with for you to explore photography.