Last Minute Shopping?

I'm a serial planner--I can't help myself. Planning is usually just as much, if not more fun, than doing for me. I enjoy planning a vacation just as much as going on one. I come from a long line of planners and over-preparers. But somehow this year, after completing about 90% of my holiday shopping in October and November. I still have about 10% remaining, which includes gifts for some of the people closest to me. 

The very thought of not having gifts selected and wrapped is enough to send my mind racing, with thoughts of hitting some of the major malls and traipsing about town all weekend. Fortunately, I work in Balboa Park, which is not only filled with incredible museums, but also incredible gift shops. If you see a slightly frazzled woman dashing through SDMA, Mingei and the MOPA Store this weekend, you'll know who it is.

Here's some video clips for inspiration: