Mixing Mediums - Collage, Painting and Photography by Holly Roberts

MOPA has always been an institution that showcases photographers who push the limits of the art form. Whether it's through the subjects they photograph, the message of their images, or their treatment of the medium, we look to inspire our visitors by showing them something unexpected and meaningful. This Februray, we will be opening Unusual Suspects: Paintings and Photographs by Holly Roberts , an exhibition that will expose our audience to a different take on photography.

For those unfamiliar with this artist, Holly Roberts has had a long career using the technique of collaging her own photographs onto painted canvases. The result is incredible. Her work contains richly layered narratives that are unassuming at first glance, but the closer you look, the more the story will unfold. As someone who's been photographing since I was in high school, I am constantly challenged to stay inspired and creative. Roberts' work does just that, but also brings back a huge part of my coming of age. Collage. I recently moved and was faced with really sifting through my "stuff". Surprisingly, it was a lot of fun! Almost everything from my teenage years has been collaged - binders of ancient negatives, journals, artwork, etc. It's amazing, because I'm able to recall the process of working on each item and why I chose those images and it all comes flooding back!

For Holly Roberts, her images also serve as an outlet. Working on this exhibition has allowed me to dive deeper into the meaning of her work and the intense process of creation she welcomes to bring each pice to its final stage. I've also been reading her blog where she openly recounts the tale of individual images. Her latest entry, Winter Kill 2008, is about one of the pieces that will be in the exhibition at MOPA. And if you go back a bit further, you can read about Passing 2009, which will also be on display. After you've gotten over your post holiday buzz, stop by MOPA and check out the exhibition.