Farewell but not Goodbye

After almost a decade here at MOPA, I am sadly writing my final blog post as a MOPA staff.  MOPA has been my home for almost a decade and when I started in 2002 as the Director of Education and then transitioned to Deputy Director a few years later, I had no idea that MOPA would grow and develop into such an exciting and innovative organization over the years.  As we like to say internally, “MOPA is a laboratory for new ideas.”  And I have certainly been given the privilege and opportunities to experiment with new ideas over the years. 

From the youth exhibition, CARE program, spring and summer camps, education curated permanent collection exhibitions, creating professional training opportunities for staff, implementing systems and procedures, leading several successful audits, overseeing two website redesigns, initiating a collaboration with UCSD and NICT to pilot a touch table, and to implementing the Museum’s accessibility, technology and visitor experience initiatives, the list goes on and on, I am honored to have been part of MOPA and to have been given the opportunities to contribute to its development. 

I especially want to acknowledge the staff, board, patrons, and volunteers at MOPA.  They are an amazing and talented group of people.  Without their passion, MOPA would not be who it is today.

I am thrilled that I will not be leaving Balboa Park.  I will be joining the Balboa Park Online Collaborative (BPOC) as their Deputy Director and will continue to collaborate and interact with MOPA and its talented staff.

So for now it is farewell, but not goodbye.  I look forward to watching MOPA as it continues to grow and develop into a Center for Visual Learning.