We're In!

Yesterday, I stopped in to The Frame Maker to watch Tom Houk and his team in action as they framed a vibrant piece by Patrick Ryoichi Nagatani for the upcoming Photo Auction.  The team brings craft and soul to the process, calling MOPA staff on a daily basis to ensure framing is just right for every piece.

Just a few months ago, I was nervously preparing for a meeting to request sponsorship from The Frame Maker. Asking a local frame shop to donate the majority of framing for the auction seemed a stretch, and I braced myself for a tough meeting. Tom greeted me as I arrived and invited me to the conference table. Before I could even launch into my carefully prepared Photo Auction monologue, Tom and team were on board. “Relax. We’re in.” he said. “Let’s just figure out the details.”

It was the same with Christie’s Los Angeles, Artworks San Diego, Green Fresh Florals, Bencotto, George’s, Alchemy, Robertson Taylor and so many other businesses who are pitching in to make this event possible.

In fundraising, you get used to cold receptions when asking for donations.  The warmth and support I received for the Photo Auction was startling.  It says something about these businesses, as well as excitement for the event itself.

You’ll see the results on October 5.