Holiday Gift Promotions

It's that time of year again! Often times we have trouble finding gifts for the people we love, constantly searching for that perfect fit. Well, whether the person you're shopping for is a photographer or not, the MOPA Store has gifts that everyone will love! This holiday season, we're bundling together a few of our most popular and favorite items with holiday savings!

Diana F+ Holiday Gift Set

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This gift package includes your choice of a Diana F+ camera, a set of Lomography Fotfoclips, 1 roll of 120 film, and 1 roll of 120 black and white film.

Paying homage to the original 1960s Diana, the Diana F+ creates the same dreamy images that Diana users have always cherished. The Diana F+ comes with a wide range of features including the capability of two different image sizes (Square full frame shots at 5.2cmx5.2cm or smaller square images − in the classic Diana format, 4.2x4.2cm!). Also capable of two shutter speeds, 'N' for normal daytime shots or 'B' for unlimited indoor or nighttime exposures, allows all-day (or night) use of the camera. The film advance allows for single or multiple exposures on a segment of film.

The Diana F+ is easy to use for amateurs and pros alike and is a perfect fit for the people in your life that like gadgets as the Diana has several accessories and attachemnts available for experimenting and perfecting the perfect shot.

Every Diana comes with a lens cap, camera strap, electronic flash attachment, color filters and a hardcover Diana F+ photobook. Styles are available in: Original, Qing Hua, Mr. Pink, Zebra, Take My Heart, Chrome, Black Jack, Gold, and Sahara.


Holga Holiday Gift Package

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This set comes with a Holgawood camera of your choice, 1 roll of 120 color film, 1 roll of 120 black and white film, and Lomography Fotoclips.

Originating during the early 1980s in Hong Kong, the Holga was innovative with its all plastic body. Its mass-production allowed for affordability and a rise in popularity. Basic in its design, the Holga has now become a cult favorite in street photography. Famous for its light leaks, the Holga allows for experimental effects and personal tweaking. Holgas are perfect for those that like to experiment or people who are learning to shoot with film.

Also like the Diana before it, the Holga is a medium format camera that takes 120 film. Every Holga comes with a lens cap, camera strap, a 6cm x 4.5cm mask and a 6cm x 6cm mask.

With styles available from Holga's "Holgawood" series, each camera  comes in a different color and represents a moment in Hollywood time. Colors include: Sunset Blvd., Commando, Jawz, Oscar, Blooze Brothers, Formally Known, Casablanco, Pretty in Pink, and Twi-Lite.


Superheadz Wide Lens Camera Gift Set

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This fun and simple gift set comes with a Superheadz Wide Angle Camera, 1 roll of 35mm color film, and Lomography Fotoclips.


A remake of the classic Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim camera, the Wide Angle Camera series by SuperHeadz captures images with the same vignetting and surprisingly vivid colors. Made of plastic and equipped with a 22mm wide-angle lens, these cameras are light and portable. The Superheadz Wide Angle Camera is the perfect pocket camera for people on the go who want simple and beautiful pictures.

The camera is available in white, yellow, black, pink, and blue.



Holga Holiday Lens Set

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This set includes a classic 120N Holga camera, a Wide Angle Lens, a Telephoto Lens, and a fisheye lens already wrapped and tied with ribbon!

The creation of accessories for the Holga allowed for the modern photographer to expand on all the classic features the Holga provides. This set is perfect not only for those who love experimenting but also for those learning to shoot film.The wide angle lens yields a wider field of view than the standard lens. The Holga telephoto lens narrows the field of view and brings a subject closer. The fisheye lens creates an extreme wide angle that gets stretched and squeezed into a circular frame. Installing the accessories isn't a problem, each lens easliy fits over the existing lens on the standard 120 Holga cameras and includes front and rear lens caps and a carry bag.



So if there's a fantastic or aspiring photographer in your life and you're still searching for thier perfect Christmas gift, we packaged these bundles just for you! Find the right gift and save some money all at once! There are many other great gift ideas available in store or through our online store and if you can't decide what to get your loved one, we also have gift certificates available so that your giftee can choose thier own gifts.

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