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One week, two conference presentations

Last week I had the pleasure of presenting at two conferences representing our recent work in the Education Department.

MOPA Travels to Rwanda

Greetings from Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. As the new Global Engagement Manager of MOPA, I’ll be reporting to you from here about the new programs we’re developing as part of MOPA’s global engagement initiative.

New Books in the Library

The Dubois Library has recently added these new titles to our collection:

Photography Changes Everything, by Marvin Heiferman (New York: Aperture Foundation, co-published with the Smithsonian Institution, 2012)

Following the River

Guest post by The Jazz Loft Project curator, Sam Stephenson.

Most times when I give a public talk about my fifteen and a half years of research on the life and work W. Eugene Smith, or when I do media interviews, like I did in May for the JLP opening at MOPA, I am asked how I got into it.  It’s a good question.  Another good one is, how did Smith get into his line of work?

Musings from a Jazz Drummer

Below is a blog entry by jazz drummer, Ron Free, also known as Ronnie Free back in the loft days.  According to Jazz Loft Project (JLP) Director and co-curator of the exhibition at MOPA, Sam Stephenson, Ron is the most ubiquitous presence on W.

“Dos Hermanos”(Brother and Sister): A Love and Hate Relationship

Collaboratively authored by Lucy Coker and Roberta O'Connor.

In collaboration with the Latino Film Festival, this July the Museum of Photographic Arts opens its doors in Balboa Park for a special screening of “Dos Hermanos”(Brother and Sister). The Argentinean film, by the talented director Daniel Burman, won an award in Chicago and was nominated for 15 other awards in Argentina and the Czech Republic.

Thursday Night Dinner Package

Looking for something fabulous to do this summer? Need to inject some fun in to your normal routine? This summer (from May 31 – September 27) MOPA’s galleries are open late on Thursdays until 9:00 pm. Celebrate art after hours with The Prado Thursday Night Dinner Package, which includes a three-course dinner for two, a bottle of wine and two tickets to the Museum of Photographic Arts exhibition The Jazz Loft Project: W. Eugene Smith in NYC, 1957-1965.

My recent visit to 821 Sixth Avenue NYC

I had the occasion recently to visit New York City for several days. I saw a lot of terrific art, including the Cindy Sherman show at the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Biennial, and the Francesca Woodman exhibition at the Guggenheim.

Tweeting Before Eating

Ever wonder why so many of us post photos of our food to social media? Is it to share a delectable experience with our friends? Or, to show off our sophisticated taste in fine food?

Whatever the reason, the advent of cell phone cameras means that we are always armed with the photographic power to document our gastro-experiences and simultaneously share/flaunt them to our social circles.