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Farewell but not Goodbye

After almost a decade here at MOPA, I am sadly writing my final blog post as a MOPA staff.  MOPA has been my home for almost a decade and when I started in 2002 as the Director of Education and then transitioned to Deputy Director a few years later, I had no idea that MOPA would grow and develop into such an exciting and innovative organization over the years.  As we like to say internally, “MOPA is a laboratory for new ideas.”  And I have certainly been given the privilege and opportunities to experiment with new ideas over the years. 

Top 10 Photography Apps: The must haves for phone photography fanatics

Now that so many of us have our phones constantly in our hands, ready to snap every moment of life and share it with our online social communities, it’s about time we knew which were the essentials tools to have with us on our daily photo shoots. These include both photo-taking and editing apps that enhance and play with images to make your hourly online updates more innovative and shareable.

Mixing Mediums - Collage, Painting and Photography by Holly Roberts

MOPA has always been an institution that showcases photographers who push the limits of the art form. Whether it's through the subjects they photograph, the message of their images, or their treatment of the medium, we look to inspire our visitors by showing them something unexpected and meaningful. This Februray, we will be opening Unusual Suspects: Paintings and Photographs by Holly Roberts , an exhibition that will expose our audience to a different take on photography.

Last Minute Shopping?

I'm a serial planner--I can't help myself. Planning is usually just as much, if not more fun, than doing for me. I enjoy planning a vacation just as much as going on one. I come from a long line of planners and over-preparers. But somehow this year, after completing about 90% of my holiday shopping in October and November. I still have about 10% remaining, which includes gifts for some of the people closest to me. 

Fun for the Family – Crafty Sunday - DIY Snow Globe


Every third Sunday of the month the MOPA Store hosts a fun event called Crafty Sunday. Crafty Sunday is held from 12:00 – 3:00 pm in the MOPA Store where creative, photography inspired crafts are created each month! The crafts are perfect for your kids or the whole family. View our current exhibits while your children have a great time crafting something fantastic!

A Closer Look at "Eden 2"

After spending the last month as an intern at MOPA I have had the chance to explore the current exhibition Infinite Balance in depth. The show is full of astounding, thought-provoking works that reveal the increasingly prevalent effect we have on our surrounding environment. However, each time I pass through the exhibition my favorite photograph remains the same, Eden 2 by Susan Derges.

Start a Holiday Tradition with Family Film Day!


As a film-lover my entire life, I have always had fond memories of marking the holidays with festive classic films like “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer” and “A Charlie Brown Christmas”. In my childhood, these movies kicked off the excitement that Christmas day would soon bring. I recently became a mother and so memories like these are ones that I would like to share and experience with my little one. This Saturday, December 10th, MOPA gives your family the chance to start a new holiday tradition by watching a holiday movie with a twist.

Infinite Balance: Yao Lu's Landscape Series

“If we do not change our direction, we are likely to end up where we are headed.” -- Chinese Proverb

This quote frames an extraordinary series of work by Yao Lu, one of the artists showcased in Infinite Balace: Artists and the Environment, one of the current exhibitions now on view at MOPA.

Support MOPA & Complete Your Holiday Shopping!

The holiday season is rapidly approaching! Not sure how to top last years’ amazing gifts? Are you on a budget but want to impress your special someone? Trying to find the perfect gift for your brother, sister, parents, kids or friend? Well you’re in luck! The MOPA Store has fantastic presents for all ages!

We have one of a kind jewelry for mom, photography documentaries for dad, games for the little cousins, and groovy hanging photo clip mobiles for your friend’s new apartment!

Youth Exhibition: 5 years later

Since 2006, MOPA has showcased the photographs and films of emerging young artists from Kindergarten to grade 12 in our annual youth exhibition.  After five years of exhibitions, I am still astounded by the skill, creativity and artistry seen in the works created by these young artists. This year’s exhibition, See/Saw is no exception.