Monday, January 27 2014

Jan 27

Human Rights Watch Film Festival: "Tall as the Baobob Tree" - Title I Screening

01.27.2014 10:00 am

Free for Title I Schools

Contact Lori Sokolowski at 619.238.7559 X236 or to RSVP

Q&A with Anita Raj, Director of UCSD's Center of Gender Equality and Health and Debbie Martinez, program officer of WorldLink.

Jeremy Teicher, 2012, 82 min.

When an accident suddenly threatens their family's survival, a father decides to sell his 11-year-old daughter, Debo, into an arranged marriage. Torn between loyalty to her elders and her dreams for the future, older sister Coumba hatches a secret plan to rescue her younger sister from a future she did not chose.