Friday, June 6 2014

Jun 6

Taiwan Cinema: A Touch of Zen

06.06.2014 7:00 pm

A Touch of Zen

Dir. King Hu I 1971 I 200 min.

While Hu had already been credited for bringing the woman warrior to the forefront of swordplay film, A Touch of Zen is the apotheosis of his efforts. This is King Hu's magnum opus, at once a sprawling epic drama of religious proportions and an anthology of brilliant action set pieces, including one that famously inspired the bamboo forest scene in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Just as iconic is star Hsu Feng -- hair tied up, sword in hand, eyes ready for the kill. A Touch of Zen won a technical award at Cannes in 1975, the first prize ever won by a Chinese-language film in one of the world's top festivals.

*Mandarin with English Subtitles
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