Tuesday, July 29 2014

Summer Camp 2014: Photo Time Travelers (K-2)

07.28.2014 9:00 am
July 28 - August 1, 2014
9am - 12pm
Grades K-2 
$200 / Members
$250 / General

With cameras around their necks and their very own time- travelling passports in hand, campers embark on a journey photographing everything from dinosaurs roaming prehistoric jungles, to famous people frozen in time and strange creatures of the future. On Friday families are invited to a special exhibition of the traveling photographers’ best work.

Contact: 619.238.7559 x235 or sobko@mopa.org

Summer Camp 2014: From Darkroom to Digital (9-12) *2 WEEK CAMP

07.28.2014 1:00 pm
July 28 - August 8, 2014 TWO-WEEK CAMP**
1pm - 4pm
Grades 9-12
$425 / Members
$475 / General
includes darkroom materials 

Why are so many photographers reverting to analog, while others continue to experiment with digital processes? See for yourself in this unique camp that explores both film and digital photography through inspired activities and shooting assignments. The first week will include 3 days of darkroom work as Dave Eichinger, Photography Department Head and Lead Professor at City College, walks students through the process of developing a roll of film and making their own prints under the red lights. The second week, led by professional photographer Bernadette Unis-Johnston, students will dive into the artistic side of digital photography and mixed media processes. 

*Students are encouraged to bring both a digital camera with manual settings and a film camera, but are not required to do so to participate in the camp. Students who do not have their own cameras will be able to borrow digital cameras and film Holgas/Dianas from MOPA.

**Campers will be making a 20 minute walk down to the City College darkroom and back on T, W, and Th of Week 1. 

Contact: 619.238.7559 x235 or sobko@mopa.org