June 2015

Jun 2

Film: No Todo Es Vigilia (Not All Is Vigil)

06.02.2015 7:30 pm

No Todo Es Vigilia (Not All Is Vigil)
Hermes Paralluelo I 98 min. I Spanish with Eng. subtitles

Presented by The House of Spain, San Diego and Films From Spain film series.

Antonio and Felisa have been living together their whole life, in a little village of the province of Teruel. Now that their health is more fragile they are afraid of not being able to take care of each other. On the horizon the prospect of having to go into a retirement home appears as a threat.
Not All Is Vigil portrays love at old age, nights of tossing-and-turning due to the fear of loneliness, and the fear of leaving one’s life in someone else’s hands while accepting a loss of independence.

Tickets: Available at the door.
$10 General
$7 House of Spain & MOPA members

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Jun 4

How Do We Age Artistically? 7 billion Conversations

06.04.2015 7:00 pm

Join us at MOPA during the summer for a series of panels made up of community leaders to discuss issues related to the 7 billion Others exhibition: aging artistically, women's stories, and preserving the planet for the future. Panelists will share their thoughts about how these ideas affect the San Diego region, and you will be able to share your thoughts and ideas as part of a wider conversation.

Jun 11

Then & Now Photo Scavenger Hunt

06.11.2015 6:00 pm

As part of the Museum of Photographic Arts' Late Thursday Nights (open until 8 p.m. Thursdays through Labor Day), the MOPA Shop is presenting three evening events filled with interesting, interactive and inspiring experiences. Please join us for our first event!

As an homage to Balboa Park's Centennial, let's step back in time and see the park in a new light in our Then & Now Photo Scavenger Hunt. We'll provide a special zine guide that will take you on a photographic tour through the park. You bring your smartphone or use MOPA's instax cameras for an $8 fee. Take home 10 shots from your scavenger hunt (first come, first serve).

Anyone who completes the scavenger hunt will receive a raffle ticket for a drawing to win a special MOPA package. Hope to see you there!

Jun 18

Film: Il padre e lo straniero

06.18.2015 7:30 pm

Il padre e lo straniero (The Father and the Foreigner)
Ricky Tognazzi I 110 min. I Italian w/ Eng. subtitles

Presented by San Diego Italian Film Festival.

Diego, a Roman bureaucrat with a handicapped son, meets Walid, a rich Syrian businessman and also the father of a severely handicapped boy. The two strike up an unusual friendship: they start meeting at Turkish baths, spending lavishly and hanging out with Walid’s intriguing sister-in-law Zaira. Diego and Walid fly off to Syria to check out the parcel of land Walid’s bought for his son. Back from the trip, Diego’s relationship with his wife finds renewed passion which the grief of dealing with the son had removed; all the while Walid mysteriously disappears and is wanted for terrorism. Diego tries to track him down with the secret service hot on his trail, chased through an ambiguous and suffocating Rome - only to discover the shocking truth.

Tickets: $10 ($8 SDIFF Members, Students, Military) Tickets available at door. 

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Jun 21

Make Music Day San Diego

06.21.2015 12:00 am

San Diego will, for the first time, join more than 700 cities worldwide to celebrate Make Music Day with the inaugural Make Music Day San Diego in Balboa Park – and everyone is invited to participate.

Make Music Day San Diego in Balboa Park will include “Mass Appeal” events (massed groups of musicians playing together on a single type of instrument such as ukuleles, banjos, harmonicas or guitars) as well as unique, site-specific musical performances and educational programming like hands-on instrument making workshops.

Inside MOPA - Armando de la Torre and Radio Pulso del Barrio set up shop from 10 to 4 for "Everybody is a DJ." Anyone can bring a record or play from an on-site record collection. Radio Pulso del Barrio will be conducting interviews using questions from the ground breaking, multimedia exhibition, 7 billion Others.

Learn more at www.makemusicsd.org.

Jun 30

Film: 15 Años y Un Día (15 Years and One Day)

06.30.2015 7:30 pm

15 Años y Un Día (15 Years and One Day)
Gracia Querejeta I 90 min. I Spanish with Eng. subtitles

Presented by The House of Spain, San Diego and Films From Spain film series.

Fourteen-year-old Jon is increasingly acting out. He gets expelled from school and then poisons a neighbor's dog. His mother, a widow and a struggling actress, feels overwhelmed and sends him to the Alicante coast to live with his grandfather Max, a Bosnian War veteran and a strict disciplinarian. Jon and Max clash, but the boy starts to adapt to his new environment and make new friends. Suddenly a shocking act of violence turns Jon's life upside down; it's left to Max to investigate who’s responsible.

Suggested donation:
$10 General
$7 House of Spain & MOPA members

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