Infinite Balance

A Closer Look at "Eden 2"

After spending the last month as an intern at MOPA I have had the chance to explore the current exhibition Infinite Balance in depth. The show is full of astounding, thought-provoking works that reveal the increasingly prevalent effect we have on our surrounding environment. However, each time I pass through the exhibition my favorite photograph remains the same, Eden 2 by Susan Derges.

An Evening with Chris Jordan

Between Honolulu and Tokyo, lie the Midway Islands. They are the home to almost 70% of the world’s albatross population. Every day, parent albatrosses forage the Pacific Ocean seeking food to feed their young. Vibrant plastics and garbage are regularly mistaken for food and as a result, tens of thousands of baby albatrosses die from trash consumption.  

A Closer Look at Infinite Balance: Artists and the Environment

This week, MOPA opened, Infinite Balance: Artists and the Environment, a compelling look at images dealing directly with our impact and on the environment and sustainability.

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