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MOPA is dedicated to helping you incorporate photography into your existing classroom curriculum. We offer free curricula resources for current exhibitions, educational plans and suggested activities. Slides, videos, curricula resources, and a wide variety of books are available in MOPA’s Dubois Library.

The Visual Classroom: Integrating Photography into the School Curriculum

Designed in 2000, The Visual Classroom: Integrating Photography into the School Curriculum teaches students and teachers about photography. The curriculum is an instructional tool intended to enhance classroom work in subjects such as History/Social Studies, Science, Language Arts/English, and the Visual Arts. The Visual Classroom assists students in developing visual literacy and critical thinking through the medium of photography. The curriculum includes over seventy slides, photographic activities, instructions, and arts-related materials.

Currently, this curriculum is only available for teachers who participate in MOPA’s outreach programs. For more information on outreach programs, call 619.238.7559 x229 or email

Beyond Beauty: What is Real Beauty?

Beyond Beauty is a curriculum intended to address issues associated with body image in teenagers. Media-conscious teenagers craft and develop their own thoughts, responses, and stereotypes regarding body image. As teachers we can guide and explore the idea of both personal and cultural images through interactive classroom lessons. Beyond Beauty is standards-aligned and is geared for students in grades 9 - 12.

To purchase a copy of this curriculum please contact or call 619-238-7559x229

Humanitas: Images of India by Fredric Roberts 

Designed in 2008 to accompany Fredric Roberts’Humanitas exhibition, this curriculum is intended to teach students and teachers about the life and photography of Fredric Roberts.  Photographing primarily in India and the east, Roberts’ depicts ordinary life, from daily events to religious ceremonies, revealing the intimacy and community of place.  These images present a fascinating and engaging depiction of domestic and economic life.  This twenty-page curriculum contains two lesson plans, vocabulary and a DVD with fifteen images.

To purchase a copy of this curriculum please contact or call 619-238-7559x229  

CARE (Collaborative Arts Resources for Education)

The CARE Program is an educational partnership program between the Museum of Photographic Arts, La Jolla Playhouse, and Timken Museum of Art.

The partners’ artist instructors collaborate with teachers to integrate art into English, math, and science curricula that give students an experience with photography, theater, painting and drawing. Students work on projects that connect to the three disciplines, giving them a broad range of opportunities to express their creativity, imagination, and perspectives.

The CARE Program has worked with Title I schools across San Diego since 2005.

CARE programming includes artist-in-residency education at school sites, field trips to partner museums, theatrical productions, and teacher professional development opportunities to instruct teachers on the integration of multiple disciplines into school curricula.

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Edmund L. and Nancy K. Dubois Library

One of the few libraries in the country dedicated solely to the subject of photography, the Dubois Library holds more than 20,000 items, including books, journals, and exhibition catalogs. The library supports the information needs of the curatorial and educational programs of the Museum, while also serving as a unique research collection for educators and researchers interested in film and photography. The library's collections may be searched through the online catalog, accessible through the Museum's website.

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