Workshop with Michael Spengler: Natural Light Portraiture

Jul 15
07.15.2012 10:00 am
Michael Spengler joins us for a second year to teach the best practices, helpful tips and eye-opening insights for producing the best in natural light portraiture using little equipment. Spengler’s workshop will focus on the difference between an ordinary image and a truly striking portrait through the play of available angles, light and shadow, soft shapes and hard lines. Using his own work as reference, Michael will demonstrate his techniques and how he constructs stylistic and dramatic images. During the last two hours, Spengler will explain lighting and posing during a live action demo in and around Balboa Park and work with participants to put his techniques to work with real models.
Lunch is provided. Participants will need to bring a DSLR camera, additional lenses you already have and the camera manual if available. Before the workshop, it is recommended that you become familiar with changing the settings on your camera while in manual mode (changing the f-stop, shutter speed, iso, exposure compensation, white balance).
$55 MOPA Members and Sierra Club Photo Section Members, $75 General
Contact: 619.238.7559 X202