Workshop with Don Bartletti: Documentary Photography

Aug 12
08.12.2012 10:00 am
Sunday, August 12, 10:00 am – 2:30 pm

For the past 29 years Don Bartletti has traveled the world on assignment for the Los Angeles Times. In 2003, his passion for local and international photojournalism earned him the Pulitzer Prize. Bartletti’s workshop will provide insight into how he creates personal pictures that tell a story, revealing the difference between a picture and a photograph. Following the discussion, Bartletti will lead participants through a series of tricks and techniques designed to outsmart the automatic camera functions and further develop participant’s understanding of light and space. This workshop requires a camera with manual adjustments for aperture and shutter speed. A strobe light is also helpful, but not required, for this workshop.

Lunch is provided. Participants will need to bring a DSLR camera, additional lenses you already have and the camera manual if available. Before the workshop, it is recommended that you become familiar with changing the settings on your camera while in manual mode (changing the f-stop, shutter speed, iso, exposure compensation, white balance).