Seeing Beauty

through Jan 23
30 Jan, 2010 - 23 Jan, 2011


Seeing Beauty explores the aesthetics of beauty, expressed through the eyes of various photographers throughout the history of the medium, including Bill Brandt, Walker Evans, Mary Ellen Mark, Edward Weston, Minor White, and Aaron Siskind. The exhibition presents a range of genres in photography, such as portraiture, abstraction, landscape, and still life.

The photographs in the exhibition examine the elements of art and design, composition and framing, as well as subject matter. In examining these elements in the context of aesthetic beauty, the exhibition poses the question of how our personal interpretation and notions of what constitutes beauty affect our experience of looking at art. The exhibition is meant to engage viewers to challenge, redefine, or confirm their understanding of what beauty is, and what factors contribute to their aesthetic evaluation.

Seeing Beauty is the fifth in a series of educational exhibitions comprised of works from MoPA's permanent collection, presented in a thought-provoking, interactive and experiential setting.