Soapbox! The Audience Speaks

through Jan 27
6 Oct, 2012 - 27 Jan, 2013

What if visitors became curators and curators became visitors? What if exhibitions were not considered spaces, but rather experiences? Bold ideas can be born from the rejection of the limitations normally taken for granted. 

Soapbox! is MOPA's first crowd-sourced exhibition that uses engaging new technology and interactive processes to allow visitors the opportunity to rate images both online and in the gallery. Visitors curated Soapbox! from a random selection of 120 images from MOPA’s permanent collection. The group of 120 images covered a broad spectrum of our permanent collection, and contained numerous works that have never been on display at MOPA. The data gathered from visitor ratings culminates in Soapbox! an exhibition that reflects our visitors’ aesthetic preferences. 

The rating process for Soapbox! launched as part of the exhibition Three Story House. MOPA collected the results from the rating process and took the 40 highest ranked images and a selection of the lowest ranked images to create Soapbox! The Audience Speaks.