through May 31

Hendrik Kerstens: Model and Muse

7 Feb, 2015 - 31 May, 2015

Inspiration comes from many sources. For the artist Hendrik Kerstens, it is his daughter, Paula, who inspires his photographic explorations. For more than two decades, self-taught photographer Kerstens’ primary subject has been his daughter. From the beginning his images were not the traditional snapshots of a child growing up, rather his formalised portraits of her had and continue to have far more in common with traditions in painting — light, gaze, gesture and scale. These are the foundation upon which Kerstens creates his on-going body of work.

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through Sep 13

7 billion Others

21 Feb, 2015 - 13 Sep, 2015

A ground breaking, multimedia exhibition, 7 billion Others brings voices and compelling video portraits from more than 6,000 individual interviews filmed in 84 countries by nearly 20 directors. For its premiere in the United States, the 30-week presentation will allow visitors to identify what separates and unites us by giving direct access to individuals as diverse as a Brazilian fisherman, a Chinese shopkeeper, a German performer and an Afghan farmer.

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through Jun 30

Seeing is Believing?

21 Feb, 2015 - 30 Jun, 2015

Did you know that some early photographs were known as the “mirror with a memory”?

That the first photograph of the moon was made more than 160 years ago?

Discover the answers to these questions and more in MOPA’s new gallery where you’ll explore the origins of photography, and its impact on how we view the world around us and ourselves.

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