Kevin Cooley: Elements

through Feb 2
19 Oct, 2013 - 2 Feb, 2014

A Los Angeles-based photographer and video artist, Cooley’s work thoughtfully investigates the ever-changing intersection between man and nature.  Skyward is a ceiling projected video installation assuming the vantage point of a car passenger gazing at the sky above. This simple shift in perspective across familiar terrain offers the opportunity to take in a different landscape with details often overlooked in our everyday lives.

The second piece in the exhibition, Tow, was created during the artist’s participation in the Arctic Circle Expeditionary Residency Program in 2011. This two-channel video portrays a lassoed fallen ice cap in tow behind a boat, allowing the viewer to witness the Arctic seascape from a first person point-of-view. The slow speed at which the greater landscape is revealed as the boat slowly tows the crackling, bobbing glacial fragment allows us to better see this enveloping environment and creates a meditative experience.

  Kevin Cooley, Tow