Mobile Photography Challenge: "Show Us Your Thirty"

In 1983, the Museum of Photographic Arts opened its doors in Balboa Park. This year marks our 30th anniversary. For us, 30 is cause for celebration, but what does “30” mean to you? Using Instagram as a means of expression, show us how you interpret the number 30.

Mobile Photography Challenge
April 15-May 15, 2013
Organized by the Museum of Photographic Arts (MOPA), La Tentación Tj/SD and IgersMéxico

Hashtag:  #MOPA30

How it Works:

  1. Post a photo to Instagram or EyeEm and include the hashtag #MOPA30
  2. MOPA will select and print up to 30 photos to feature at the Museum’s POP Thursdays “Push Pin Party” on May 23, 2013.
  3. Additional photos will be printed for popular use at the event.


  1. Each participant may submit a maximum of 2 images.
  2. Photos must be posted to Instagram or EyeEm with the hashtag #MOPA30 to be part of the challenge.
  3. Photos must be posted between April 15 and May 15, 2013. Any photos posted after the close of the challenge will not be considered.
  4. MOPA, IgersMéxico and La Tentación Tj/SD reserve the right to remove any photo deemed inappropriate for any reason.
  5. By participating, you understand that MOPA, La Tentación Tj/SD and IgersMéxico may reproduce and display your photo.

Our very own Chantel Paul will judge the Challenge and the winners will be tacked up at our Push Pin Party to hang on the walls at MOPA.  For those of you in San Diego, please join us at the event

We can't wait to see the great photography and the creative interpretations for "30" you come up with.  

Show us your 30!