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Prix Pictet: Disorder

Ilit Azoulay

Ilit Azoulay
Artist’s website

In the Studio: Ilit Azoulay
Interview with artist in Art in America, 2013

Ilit Azoulay | Shifting Degrees of Certainty
Video with artist by Museum of Modern Art

Valérie Belin 

Valérie Belin
Artist's website

Holden Luntz Gallery: Valérie Belin
Artist's biography and more images at Holden Luntz Gallery website

Photographer Spotlight: Valerie Belin
Video with artist by LA Review of Books

Matthew Brandt

Matthew Brandt
Artist's website 

Interview: Matthew Brandt
Cool Hunting, 2014

In the studio with Matthew Brandt
Video with artist by Getty Museum, 2015

Review of Matthew Brandt's photos
Article on artist in Art in America, 2014

Maxim Dondyuk

Maxim Dondyuk
Artist's website

Interview with Maxim Dondyuk
Interview by Photography, 2015 

Alixandra Fazzina

Women tortured, imprisoned, murdered: Human rights in Pakistan
Video with artist by The Guardian, 2014

Noor Images: Alixandra Fazzina
Artist's biography and images 

Ori Gersht

CRG Gallery: Ori Gersht
Artist's biography and images

In the Artist's Words: Ori Gersht on Violence and Beauty
Video with Ori Gersht by Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Revelations: Interview with Ori Gersht
Video with Ori Gersht by science Museum, 2015

John Gossage 

Photographer John Gossage Reflects on "The Pond" Us
Interview with artist by, 2010

Fraenkel Gallery: John Gossage
Artist images and press releases

Pieter Hugo

Pieter Hugo
Artist's website

Interview with Pieter Hugo
Cool Hunting, 2015

Gideon Mendel

Gideon Mendel
Artist's website

Through Positive Eyes: The Career of Gideon Mendel
Career profile by The New Yorker (2013)

Disorder Artist Talk: Gideo Mendel with Leo Johnson
Video with artist by Prix Pictet Disorder

Axis Gallery: Gideon Mendel
Artist's biography and images

Sophie Ristelhueber

Sophie Ristelhueber
Artist's website

Galerie | Jerome Poggi
Artist's biography and photos

Sophie Ristelhueber Interviewed
Foto8, 2009

Sophie Ristelhueber | TateShots
Video with artist by TateShots, 2015

Brent Stirton

Brent Stirton
Artist’s website 

Proof: Brent Stirton on Photography as Obsession | National Geographic
Video with artist by National Geographic

Brent Stirton, The World Over
Interview with artist by Interview Magazine

Yongliang Yang

Yongliang Yang
Artist's website

Saving Chinese Art From Extinction | Meet Yang Yongliang
Video with artist by Creators Project

PearlLam Galleries: Yongliang Yang
Artist's biography and images

Inside the Design Mind IV
Interview with artist by Metropolis, 2013


Prix Pictet Resource Guide

Recycle, Reuse

I love a Clean San Diego

Veterans Green Projects

Climate Change

SanDiego350 Climate Change Action

Climate Collaborative, San Diego Region

Climate Action Campaign


San Diego Beekeeping Society

Immigrant Issues, Refuge Communities

Alliance San Diego

International Rescue Committee

Local Conservation, Wildlife

San Diego National Wildlife Refuge, California 

Project WIldlife

San Diego Audubon Society


India and the Picturesque

Samuel Bourne

Samuel Bourne Photographer of India and Pakistan - Harappa
Artist biography and links to photographs

Samuel Bourne - Art Institute of Chicago
Artist's images from the Art Institue of Chicago

India Views By Samuel Bourne-Farhat Art Museum
Video of artist's images from Farhat Art Museum

John Edward Sache

John Sache Early Photographer of India - Harappa
Artist biography 

Edmund David Lyon

Edmund David Lyon - Luminous-Lint
Artist biography and photographs

Captain Edmund David Lyon - Artnet
Artist's photographs

Photographic Processes

Popular Photographic Print Processes Represented in the Prints and Photographs Division 
Library of Congress

Historic Photographs - Photographic Processes
British Library

Photographic Processes Series - Presented by the George Eastman House
Video George Eastmen Museum

TEDxAhmedabad - Atul Kasbekar-Rediscovering Photography
Video TEDx

Indian Architecture

Archaeological Survey of India
Resources in monuments, excavations, museums, and publications

Ancient India's Contributions to the World
BBC documentary 

British Rule in India

From Empire to Independence: The British Raj in India 1858-1947
BBC history page on British Raj in India 

British Occupation of India-Full Documentary
Full documentary

Indian Year-book for 1862: A review of social, intellectual, and religious progress in India and Ceylon (1863)
Google book

The Year-book of the Imperial Institute of the United Kingdom, the colonies and India
Google book

The History of British India
Google book

The Imperial Gazetteer of India
Google book

Statistical abstract relating to British India, from 1895–96 to 1904–05
Google book


Seeing is Believing?


How is a daguerreotype made? - Watch "Early Photography: Making Daguerreotypes"
Youtube video


Opticks by Sir Isaac Newton
Project Gutenberg downloads page. Multiple formats

How is astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson inspired by Isaac Newton? - Watch "Neil deGrasse Tyson: My Man, Sir Isaac Newton"
Youtube video

How would a painter use a camera lucida? -Watch "Using the Camera Lucida"
Youtube video

Want to make a room into a camera obscura? -Watch "Making Your Own Room With a View"
Youtube video

Photography and Ethnography

Where do facial expressions come from? -Watch "Study reveals origins of facial expressions"
Youtube video