Pictures of the Year International

through Sep 22
25 May, 2013 - 22 Sep, 2013

Photojournalists show us a world most people would never get to see.  From war-torn countries to championship sports, their images convey some of the most inspiring moments as well as some of the most heartbreaking.  The Museum of Photographic Arts, through the Pictures of the Year International exhibition, celebrates the power of these images and the people who create them.

Pictures of the Year International is the oldest and most prestigious photojournalism program producing the best documentary photography in the world. This competition provides us with a visual portrayal of society and fosters an understanding of the issues facing our civilization. Photojournalists document the news events, social issues, and cultural trends that capture our interest and demand our attention. POYi’s annual contest recognizes their enduring images and sets the gold standard for excellence. More than 48,000 images are submitted with 240 winners selected by a world-renowned panel of expert judges as the very best. 

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Exhibition support provided by the Los Angeles Times.