Jerry Gardner

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I was one of the original founders of the first Collectors organization which began around 1995 and was subsequently a co-chair of that group for several years.  That was the beginning of being a volunteer. Since about 2002 I have been a volunteer in the, as I call it, "the back, unseen office".  I have a great love of all art, art history and photography has been my main art interest since about 1992.  MOPA has a wonderful program that is supportive of education especially children and I support that dedication.

I work with the curatorial/design/registrar staff.  I do anything they ask of me such as framing, un-framing, matting prints, digitalizing the collection, pack crates, unpacking crates, "harvest" wall text.  My payback is learning about conservation, proper handling of art objects, having the opportunity to handle study and evaluate thousands of wonderful photographic objects. One of my most cherished benefits is working alongside of many young creative people who are dedicated to photography and MOPA.My most memorable experience here at MOPA is when I was asked to become one of ten California collectors to share my collection in a group show at MOPA. I have not had the opportunity to work with all members of the staff but those I have worked with impress me with their multitasking, creativity, respect, care and willingness to help each other.