David Johns

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I believe I have been volunteering with MOPA since 2005.

At that time, I had been a member of MOPA for about a decade, I had completed several years of photography courses at Grossmont College and I had recently joined MOPA's "Collectors Group."  I wished to become more active with the Museum in order to deepen my understanding of photography and to work with persons with similar interests and passions.

I have worked almost exclusively in the Museum's Dubois Library, a wonderful resource and yet-to-be-fully-discovered part of MOPA's collection which needs to be utilized more by  MOPA members and friends.  My various tasks include:  cataloging serials, cutting protective covers for books and other items in the collection, helping prepare for the new exhibits,  shelving books, and, occasionally, working with library guests to facilitate their use of the various library materials.

My more memorable experiences include:  giving a short talk on the photobook "Moksha" in conjunction with Fazal Sheikh's "Beloved Daughters"  exhibition, preparing research guides and "Pathfinders" for exhibitions, and visiting with Nancy Dubois to discuss the development of the Library.

A closing comment:  while the Dubois Library contains numerous monographs by and about various artists and reference books dealing with different topical areas, geographical and technical, the collection includes contains many wonderful photobooks which are works of art themselves.  Come have a look!