Carolyn Ingham: Docent of the Month

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My name is Carolyn Ingham and I have been a docent volunteer for 5 years. When I came to MOPA I knew nothing about photography except I enjoyed it. Today, with each new exhibit, I learn more. I love sharing my knowledge with the groups that I tour. My approach is different with each group - students of all ages, seniors, singles, Alzheimer patients and the hearing impaired. My most memorable tour was a group of Alzheimer patients. They laughed, interacted with me and each other and had wonderful insight into Maggie Taylor's and Jerry Uelsmann's fanciful montage. People say "it is so great that you volunteer your time" but I am the one who benefits. My time as a docent keeps me current and interesting. Photography speaks a universal language allowing important stories to cross borders without interpretation. It is a potentially very deep and interesting new way of communicating. I find it very rewarding to be part of this process and MOPA.