A big "Thank you!" to MOPA's staff!

So this is it. Today is my last day as an intern at MOPA and I feel sad this will be my last blog post! I was here for six months but time went by really fast. I remember the first day when I arrived. Vivienne, the deputy director of MOPA, showed me around MOPA and Balboa Park and introduced me to everyone. I thought I wouldn’t be able to remember the names of everyone working here, but I surely do now! I arrived the same week as Danny, the current marketing & communications manager, who was a great supervisor during this internship. He taught me many things, from writing press releases, promoting museum events on online calendars, reaching out to photography meet up groups, to using programs such as MailChimp, Google Analytics for web statistics, Microsoft Excel for researching and updating press contacts, and more! I also got to work with the Development and Store Teams, which was fun! This internship helped make up my mind for my future professional career. Now I really want to work in the marketing department of an art organization if possible.

I feel really thankful for what everyone in MOPA’s team taught me but also for being so nice and truly friendly. It was nice because I got to know everyone better as time went by. Thank you Melissa for organizing the fun field trips; Vivienne and Katrina, Joaquin and Christina for helping me every time I asked you; Lori and Heather for speaking French with me; Deborah, Scott, Sophia, Kristie, Selina, Jana, John, Chantel, Megan, Joey, Courtney, Kevin, Savannah and Jazmine for being so nice and welcoming; Thank you to everyone else at MOPA; and thank you one more time Danny! I felt easily integrated at MOPA. It is very enjoyable to work here because everyone seems to be enjoying what they are doing. This was my first long-time internship and I will miss MOPA.

My best memory at MOPA was the 1983 Pop Thursday with the Push Pin Party which was really fun.  We dressed up as in the 1980’s and listened to some 80’s famous songs. I also really liked the opening of the Picture of the Year:International exhibition. I used to have an interest for journalism, and it was very fun to look at all the photojournalism pictures hanging there! I also feel glad I got to be at MOPA for the Richard Branson and Chris Mc Caw events, because I wouldn’t have had this kind of opportunities otherwise.

I encourage anyone looking for an internship to apply to MOPA, there are many different kinds of interns. You can find them on the website at http://www.mopa.org/join/volunteer I hope to keep in touch with MOPA’s team and I will definitely come back visit MOPA if I have any opportunity in the future!

Top picture: Dana (a former Special Events & Development intern) and me during the 1983 Pop Thursday event.

Right: A surprise picture of me working.