New Visions: Art and Invention in the 19th Century

through Feb 8
11 Oct, 2014 - 8 Feb, 2015
Photography captured people, places and architecture of the 19th century. New Visions: Art and Invention in the 19th Century displays how pioneering photographers brought the world to people with images. This time of  “global visual culture” grew from an interest in other countries and cultures along with the development of photography. The Grand Tour of Europe, Egypt and the Holy Lands, and the American West are presented in the selection that includes featured artists:
James Anderson
Edouard Baldus
Eadweard Muybridge
Felix Bonfils
Samuel Bourne
William Henry Fox Talbot
Francis Frith
William Henry Jackson
Carleton Watkins
New Visions is drawn from the Monsen Family Collection, with loans from Joseph and Elaine Monsen, the Grainger-Monsen Collection, and the Henry Art Gallery at the University of Washington.