MOPA Presents Cinema Select: Visitors Choose What Is Screened

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March 22, 2013
(San Diego, CA) March 20, 2013. What if visitors also had their say on what movies played at the Museum of Photographic Arts’ theater? MOPA is pleased to announce its new Cinema Select Program. Each month, MOPA’s staff will select three movies, all of a certain theme, and visitors will get to vote on the museum’s website for the one they would like to watch.

The program was launched in March and visitors had to choose between King Kong, Tootsie and Grey Gardens, all starring Jessica Lange to coincide with MOPA’s current exhibition, Jessica Lange: unseen. It is Grey Gardens, a 2009 HBO movie, which earned the most votes and that was screened on March 14th. "Grey Gardens was the excuse that took us to MOPA's movie theatre tonight and what a great place to watch movies,” posted one spectator on MOPA’s Facebook account after watching the movie.

The next Cinema Select will take place at the museum on April 25th at 7pm. Since Earth Day is April 22nd, MOPA thought it would be a fun idea to look at how some films forecasted the future on this planet if humans don’t take care of it. Visitors currently have to select one of three post-apocalyptic movies: Zombieland, 12 Monkeys or Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior. All of these films were nominated for and received a number of awards.

In May, MOPA celebrates its 30th anniversary as a museum in Balboa Park.  The Cinema Select theme for that month will be 1983 – the year MOPA officially became a museum.  The choice of movies has yet to be selected, but a number of great movies came out that year so it is sure to be an interesting selection.

The cost for each movie is $4 for MOPA members, $6 students and seniors, $8 general admission. Visitors can buy their tickets online before each movie’s screening or at the door.

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