Unusual Suspects: Paintings and Photographs by Holly Roberts

through May 6
4 Feb, 2012 - 6 May, 2012

Unusual Suspects invites viewers to explore new approaches and expression in photography through the innovative work of Holly Roberts. By combining painting and collage in her finished pieces our perception of the photographic medium is challenged. Roberts lets her imagination guide her as she takes original photographs and repurposes them to create illustrative stories with figures and animals, infusing the work with a rich narrative. A picture of gravel becomes the body of a dog and the branches of a tree become a human torso. In addition to this playful approach, the small scale of many of the pieces invites a closer look at the subtle details, allowing a personal connection with the images. The result of Roberts’ process will surprise and intrigue visitors.

Learn more about works in the exhibition through Holly's blog, One Painting at a Time, or explore selected works, listed below.

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