Sprocket Rocket Panorama

Sprocket Rocket Panorama
Sproket Rocket Panorama


Launch yourself into a new Lomographic experience with the astounding Sprocket Rocket. This 35mm compact camera boasts a super-wide angle lens for panoramas and is the first analogue camera to be fitted with a reverse gear, allowing you to rewind and remix your photos! Get photos with an unmistakably analogue look by exposing the sprocket holes, those little perforations which run along the edge of 35mm film rolls.

Awesome Ultra-Wide Panoramas– Featuring a super-wide lens, the Sprocket Rocket shoots 18 panoramas on each 35mm film roll – That’s twice the length of a standard 35mm shot!

Unique Sprocket Shots – The Sprocket Rocket exposes the whole width of your film including the sprocket holes – You’ll get photos with a 100% analogue look.

Super-easy Multiple Exposures – With the Sprocket Rocket’s dual winding knobs, you can forward and rewind your film at any time. Shoot a frame, rewind and shoot over it again – Simple!

Effortless Long-exposures – Use the Bulb setting and hold the shutter open for as long as you’d like – It’s perfect for long-exposures and night shooting.

Fast Focusing – With straight-forward focusing, the Sprocket Rocket encourages you to shoot fast and freely.

Use all kinds of 35mm Film – Pick from Color Negative, Slide, Black and White - The Sprocket Rocket loves all 35mm films.

Flash Attachment – Includes a standard hot-shoe so you can shoot with your favorite flashes!




  • Uses all kinds of 35mm film (color negatives, slide, black & white, redscale)
  • Super-wide angle lens captures entire width of film including sprocket holes!
  • Scrolling knobs allow easy multiple exposures
  • B-setting mode for nighttime/long-exposures
  • Zone focusing
  • Hotshoe for flash and standard tripod screw


Package Includes:

  • Sprocket Rocket camera
  • Sprocket Rocket Lens Cap
  • Tripod/Strap Screw
  • The Booklet
  • Instructional Manual
  • Sprocket Blocking Frame